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Major Electrical Maintenance at NWSC Nov 17 2014 - 8:00am to Nov 20 2014 - 6:00pm Work Summary:

ISGC will be performing some major electrical maintenance at the NWSC involving our emergency power switching operations. During the work the NWSC will be transferred to generator power intentionally to check all systems and functionality. The chances of a major incident are low, but If a major incident were to happen all UPS backed up systems have a chance of losing one source, or both sources of power.

The systems affected are:
1. Glade
2. Orca Switches
3. Tape Libraries and associated equipment in Module B
4. All Nets Equipment at NWSC
5. All colocation equipment in White Racks and in any Telecomm Room
6. Rack DKC in the Yellowstone Cluster
7. The Yellowstone compute nodes should not be affected by the maintenance work

ISGC has this work planned for the week of November 17th 2014. The work will take approximately 4 days spanning from November 17th through November 20th 2014 from 6am to 6pm each day, during this time the NWSC will be at a higher risk of having an incident with the electrical infrastructure. Notifications will be posted to the NOW site as the work progresses daily and a notification will also be sent out when the work is complete.

Further Detailed Information:

In an effort to make the NWSC’s infrastructure the most reliable ISGC needs to complete a few bi-yearly preventative maintenance tasks. One of these maintenance tasks is verifying that the ATS (automatic transfer switches) MTS (manual transfer switches) and the ATO (automatic throw over) sequence is functioning properly in regards to the electrical infrastructure system. These switches and systems transfer power from utility to generator power, or primary to secondary power sources in case of an emergency event. These systems and equipment need to be tested and verified to ensure proper operation when we need them.

This work involves not only checking the operation of the switches and sequence; it also involves checking all terminations and verifying that all wiring is intact and undamaged. While this work is being performed the NWSC’s electrical infrastructure will be at a higher risk than normal. If an outage or event did occur while the preventative maintenance is being performed ISGC is confident that systems can be started and transferred without affecting the computer floor or any other equipment affected.

If further information on scheduled maintenance is needed ISGC can provide documentation outlining what work will be done and an estimated time in which it will be done in. CASG will be used as the hub of communication during the work and they will also be used to disseminate the notifications at the appropriate time.

If there are any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Michael Kercher at michaelk@ucar.edu or x4337.
Power outage affecting CG1, CG2, CG3 and FL4 Nov 19 2014 - 5:30am to Nov 22 2014 - 5:30am 11:00 AM 11/19/14: The all clear was given at about this time.

8:42 AM 11/19/14: cg1-21275-c1-gs is now online and all ports appear to be functioning as expected. If you do encounter any issues, please call the NOC at x4300.

7:04 AM 11/19/14: Power has returned and all NETS switches are back online with the exception of cg1-2175-c1-gs. This ethernet switch has issues and NETS engineers are in route.

This switch serves the South end of CG1, floors 2 and 3.

We will send an update as things progress.

05:30 AM 11/19/14: As of 5:30 AM there is a power outage in North Boulder that is affecting CG1, CG2, CG3 and FL4. The outage has drained the NETS ups in CG1-2175 so this system is offline, and our other upses are draining steadily.

Updates will be provided as they are available.