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Vidyo system DECOMMISSION on 3/31/15 Mar 31 2015 (All day) to Apr 30 2015 (All day) *** STATUS NOTIFICATION ***

All UCAR hosted Vidyo systems are now shut down.
Please remove Vidyo clients and references to the UCAR hosted Vidyo system which is now decommissioned.
Let me know if questions.

Given UCAR is shifting to Google Hangouts and other room based systems for videoconferencing needs, support for Vidyo at UCAR will stop on Tuesday, 31-Mar-2015.

If you haven't already, we encourage Vidyo users to visit


as well as


to familiarize themselves with Google Hangouts and Vidyo alternatives using UCAR/Google solutions.
We are targeting deactivation of ALL Vidyo components currently housed at UCAR so after 31-Mar-2015, Vidyo clients will no longer work and all VidyoPortals will no longer be available.

Also VidyoReplay will also be shut down so if you have any recordings on the VidyoReplay server that you would like to keep, please download them as soon as possible.

Please let us know at vidyo@ucar.edu if anyone has questions about Vidyo equivalencies under the new UCAR/Google offerings or a need for the Vidyo system to extend past March 2015.


Jeff Custard

Nick Wehrheim

Recent Notices

Title Date Details
Colocation Data Center Shutdown Apr 18 2015 - 6:00am to 6:00pm On Saturday, April 18th - 2015, the NCAR Colocation Data Center will be shut down to facilitate preventive maintenance on select infrastructure support systems. This is the normal Spring season downtime for this purpose. Please note that this activity is scheduled from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Some computing systems, depending on their function, will begin their shutdown Friday afternoon.

Remember to shut down your office systems and/or work station at the Mesa Lab before leaving work on Friday, April 17th.

If you have any questions or concerns please send a message to cislhelp@ucar.edu.

Service Outage Information:

The following services will be down during the NCAR Spring 2015 power down. Additional information and notifications will be provided via the Notifier service leading up to the power down.

* DNS: the DNS servers at ML, both internal and external, will be down, but DNS servers at NWSC will remain up, so the DNS impact should be minimal.
* LDAP: Both ldap.ucar.edu and ldaphpc.ucar.edu LDAP servers will be down.
* DHCP: the CISL DHCP server at ML will be down, which means that connecting to most wireless and guest networks will not be possible.
* UCAR Campus Network: The "UCAR Internal" and "Eduroam" wireless networks will be out of service (until the end of the maintenance period).
* Token Authentication: The radius servers at ML will be down. This means new VPN connections cannot be established, and token authentication on hosts in Boulder will not work. At NWSC, NWSC-based staff and university users will be able to authenticate to NWSC resources, but most Boulder-based staff will not.
* Mail: Google mail services, which includes mail to user mailboxes and aliases, will not be affected. The Mailman system, and mail to a few mailboxes inside UCAR, will be down.
* The license servers for Mathematica, Matlab and the PGI compilers will be down.
* UCAS Password Changes: Changing UCAS passwords via the web (kpasswd.ucar.edu) will be unavailable.
* UCAR web services: web, jira, drupal, wiki.ucar.edu, etc, will be down.
* ExtraView (CISL helpdesk ticketing system) will be down. - Please contact CASG at x4300 or 307-996-4300.
* ML private network access via ipmi01.ucar.edu and ipmi02.ucar.edu will be unavailable.
* ML Active Directory Domain Controller: Windows CIT domain authentication should remain unaffected as two other domain controllers at different sites will be up.

- NETS -
Network Engineering & Telecommunications Section will be providing a separate notification on regarding their scope of work to be performed during this power down.
Scheduled Outage: MyProxy server used for GridFTP and Globus Online file transfer authentication Apr 18 2015 - 5:30am to 5:30pm The UCAR MyProxy server used for GridFTP and Globus Online file transfer authentication will be taken down on Saturday April 18 at 05:30 AM for the semiannual Mesa Lab computer room power down. Any GridFTP and Globus Online file transfer sessions that were started before that time will continue without interruption. It will not be possible to initiate new GridFTP file transfers until Saturday afternoon.
Unscheduled Power Outage at NWSC - Resolved Apr 17 2015 - 12:30am to 7:30pm 07:16 PM Yellowstone, Geyser, Caldera and GLADE filesystem has been brought back to production. Users may resubmit their jobs.

06:21 PM Consulting is running application validation tests and once they have completed their verification they will send a status and we will open the queues for all users.

06:13 PM Erebus is now up.

1:59 At this time DHCP and DNS is down at NWSC.

1:05 PM At this time all the internal network has been re-established.

12:45 PM Investigation has revealed that during testing of the facility fire alarm system, items were tripped and disconnected power to the Module B computer room floor. Power has been re-established to the collocation cabinets. We are also monitoring the network equipment re-establishing connectivity.

Currently NWSC is experiencing a power issue. We are in the process of investigating. We will post updates as information is available.

1:59 PM At this time DHCP and DNS is down at NWSC.

2:35 PM Radius server is now back up.

2:38 PM DHCP and DNS have just returned to service.

2:40 PM Nodes for yellowstone have just received power for ISGC.

2:42 PM Yellowstone has just now been officially handed over to SSG.

2:44 PM zstax VM systems, Token authentication, just came up.

2:49 PM Glade has just become operational.